Community Resources

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The goal of Agave Farms is to serve as the keystone for the sustainable landscape transformation of Phoenix. In order to achieve this goal, we focus a lot of our energy into Community Outreach.

Food Donations-We donate produce to various local Food Banks since we do not keep product for very long and we do not process any food.

Volunteering- We regularly have students from local schools volunteering and learning on our farm through hands-on activities and lectures.

Events- We offer space for community events to the residents of Phoenix to have community events. CLICK HERE to view our upcoming events.

Lectures/Workshops- Educational lectures from expert speakers in topics such as horticulture, landscaping, agriculture, soil management, irrigation, lighting, and the culinary arts. CLICK HERE to view our upcoming lectures/workshops.

Farm to Table Cooking events- We will also have Farm-to-Table cooking events in partnership with local chefs where participants can harvest, cook and eat. CLICK HERE to view our upcoming events.

Farmer’s Market- We are at the Uptown Farmer’s Markets every Saturday. We usually have plant starts, bedding plants and produce for sale.


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