Shown below are the plants and produce we grow, and soil mixes we prepare. The availability for our plants and produce changes with the seasons. We endeavor to provide the best plants and produce for our customers.

Note: Our offsite services are provided by our sister company Metal Concepts, and all the products are manufactured locally in Phoenix .

The stone and metal products that are on site are for display only.

Trees, Shrubs and Bedding plants

Plants are often grown for their aesthetic properties; edible plants are grown for vegetables, fruits and herbs. Gardens exist in multiple scales and types ranging from fruit orchards to residential yards with lawns and shrubs. This may be very specialized with a single plant variety, or involve a large number of different plants in mixed plantings. It involves an active participation in the growing of plants which can be physically and emotionally satisfying.



Catnip Mint Rosemary Trailing Sweet Marjoram
Chamomile Oregano Rosemary Upright Tagetes Lemmonii
Cilantro Parsley Curled Rue Thyme English
French Lavender Parsley Plain Italian Salvia Thyme lemon
Lovage Peppermint Spearmint



Artichoke Cauliflower Graffiti Lettuce Butterchacoch Strawberry
Asian Greens Cauliflower Veronica Romenesco Lettuce Gourmet Strawberry Spinach
Asparagus Fern Plumosa Chives Lettuce Red Romaine Swiss Chard
Broccoli Chives Garlic Lettuce Red Sails Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Collard Lettuce Romain Green Tomato
Brocolli  Suiho Kale Nerod Toscana Micro Greens Veronica peduncularis Kale
Ca. Golden Pepper Kale Red Russian Mustard Walla Walla Onion
Cabbage Kohlrabi Purple Splendor Pea Sugar Snap Yellow Spanish Onion
Cabbage Chinese Blues Kohlrabi Winter Splendor Peas
Cabbage Stonehead Leek Romaine Lettuce
Cauliflower Lettuce Bistro Mix Snaps Aroma French Vanilla
Cauliflower Cheddar Lettuce Bistro Salad Blend Snaps Aroma Peach Breeze


The shrubs are available in the following sizes:

  • 1 gallon
  • 5 gallon
  • 15 gallon


Angelita Daisy Deer Grass Outback Sunrise
Bird of Paradise Desert Milk Weed Pomegrante
Brittlebush Desert Willow Rio Bravo
Cordia Little Leaf Fairy duster Rosemary
Dalea Hopseed Bush Royal Mist
Damianita Lantana Ruellia
Arabian Jasmine Lavender Spainish Sage
Bottlebrush Little John Lynns Legacy Turpentine Bush
Bush Morning Glory Morning Glory Bush Valentine Emu
Chuparosa Tecoma Purple Fountain
Cimmaron Sage Trumpter Vine Purple Heart/ Wandering Jew
Coral Fountain Myrtle
Creosote Bush Oleander

The trees are available in the following sizes:

  • 15 gallon pot
  • 15 gallon bag
  • 24 inch box
  • 36 inch box
  • 48 inch box
  • 60 inch box
  • 72 inch box


Desert Museum Indian Rosewood Pistache
Mesquite Ironwood Sissoo
Palo Verde Southern Oak Texas Mountain Laurel
Cascalote Mediterranean Fan Vitex Chaste Tree
China Elm Leather Leaf Acacia
Algarrobo Mastic
Acacia Palo Blanco
Date Palm Olive

*The above list is not exhaustive and all above plants are subject to availability.


The term succulent is not a scientific classification but is based on the description of the plant. Succulents are often thought to be native only to arid regions, such as deserts, but they also belong in forest settings, high alpine regions, coasts and dry tropical areas. They are found in multiple families in the plant kingdom.

The families of succulents that are most popular and selected by us for desert cultivation are:

  • Agaves- Family: Agavaceae, Genus: Agave, Species: 38 species
  • Aloe- Family: Asphodelaceae, Genus: Aloe, Species: 500 species
  • Cacti- Family: Cactaceae, Genus: ~53, Species: 407 species
  • Euphorbia- Family: Euphorbiaceae, Genus: Euphorbia, Species: 98 species
  • Yucca- Family: Agavaceae, Genus: Yucca, Species: 30 species


Agave Golden Barrel Senita
Argentine giant Gopher Plant Toothless Sotol
Blind Prickly Pear Hedgehog Totem Pole
Candelilla Lady Slipper Twisted Peruvian
Desert Spoon Aloe White Bunny Ear
Dinner Plate Monstrosus Curiosity
Elephant Food Ocotillo
Bulbine orange Purple Heart
Elephant bush Red Yucca
Fish hook barrel San Pedro
Funny Bunny Santa Rita

*The above list is not exhaustive and is subject to availability



Rose varieties * that are selected for our South-West desert and grown locally.

Angel Face Moondance
Charisma Sexy Rexy
Cinco De Mayo Sun flare
Double Knockout
Hybrid Tea
Beloved New Day
Blue Girl Oklahoma
Crown Princess Margareta Olympiad
Double Delight Oregold
Eglantyne Paradise
Electron Peace
Europeana Peak Performance
Gold Glow Pink Peace
Heirloom Queen Elizabeth
Iceburg Rio Samba
John F Kennedy Scentimental
Marina St Patrick
Miranda Lambert Tropicana
Mister Lincoln
Carefree Beauty Sunshine Daydream
Miracle on the Hudson White Lightin
Pink Double Knockout
A Shropshire Lad CL Blaze
CL America CL New Year
Rose Trees

* Subject to availability

Herbs and Edibles Plants

Availability List:

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Shown below is a list of edibles available here in Arizona.  Many of these plants can grown in our Ready Go Garden Kits:


Structures and Stone Work

The following types of stone products and services are available offsite from Cantera Stone. Cantera Stone is a quarried, volcanic rock that is porous and lightweight; it’s softness allows for detailed carving and cutting. Our stone products are hand crafted by artisans in Phoenix, AZ. Our products can also be customized by our artisan based on customer needs to different shapes, sizes , and can also include custom lettering and designs:


Stone Work

Fireplace Surrounds
Window Surrounds
Pillars and Ballastrades
Customized Stone


Metal Work

Single Hoop Fence Tube steel trellis w/ galvanized 4″ mesh
Double Hoop Fence Tube steel trellis w/ green pvc 2″ mesh
Cable Fence Tube steel trellis w/ black pvc 2″ mesh
Hemp Rope Fence Arch w/vines
Fence Corners Gate w/vines
Fence w/ vines Main gate 26′ wide
Rebar Bougainvillea Sandwich Trellis
Metal Concepts

Our sister company Metal Concepts can design, create and install to meet the needs of your project. All products are manufactured locally in Phoenix, AZ.
The following types of metal products and services are available offsite from

Metal Concepts:

Products- Tools

Sharpshooter Shovel Bow Rake
Sharpshooter with Dig bar Pot Hole Scoop
Hoe Backflow Cage
Leaf Rake Custom Cage
Pipe Stand



Soils are required for almost all plants during planting; and to meet this need we have multiple soil mixes and mulch. We recommend using a mixture of a soil mix, an amendment and mulch based on the plants. The offer the following types of soil products*:



Potting Soil Mix Potting soil for sensitive plants. This is a blend of humus, bark, sawdust, lava sand, vermiculite and peat moss.
Bedding Soil Mix A combination of compost, mulch and dirt.
Succulent Mix Planting mix for succulents. This is a blend of sand, cinder, lava rock, wood chips, mulch and biochar.
Bio Compost Mix A compost mix made from a blend of composted food waste.
Deodorized Steer Manure Steer manure composted with other organic materials to reduce odor. This is an excellent nitrogen source for outdoor soil preparation.
Biochar Biochar is charcoal made from biomass via pyrolysis. Making Biochar is a 2,000 year-old practice where agricultural waste is converted into a soil enhancer that can hold carbon, boost food security, and increase soil biodiversity, and discourage deforestation.
Improved Top Soil A blend of dirt, wood chips, mulch and biochar.
Native Mulch Coarse mulch that can be used as a ground cover for landscaping trees, shrubs and planters and increase drainage.
Wood Chips Wood chips that can be used as a ground cover.


Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Apricot, Gold Kist Fig, Panache Tiger Peach, Early Grande Plum, Burgandy
Apple Ein Shemer Fig, Peters Honey Peach, Florida Prince Plum, Flowering Krauter
Apple, Anna Fig, Texas Giant Blue Peach, Midpride Plum, Methley
Apple, Anna Espalier Fig, Violette De Bourdeau Peach, Pink Flowering Early Double Plum, Santa Rosa Weeping
Apple, Dorsett Espalier Grape, Autumn Royal Peach, Red Baron Plum, Satsuma
Apricot, Katy Grape, Black Monukka Peach, Red Flowering Early Double Pomegranate, Bush Granada
Ash, Arizona Grape, Blueberry Peach, Saturn Pomegranate, Bush Wonderful
Ash, Bonita Grape, Flame Seedless Peach, Tropic Snow Pomegranate, Tree Wonderful
Ash, Fanwest Grape, Thompson Seedless Peach, White Flowering Early Double Redbud, Mexican
Ash, Raywood Nectarine Dwarf, Southern Belle Pear, Asian 20th Century Redbud, Oklahoma
Blackberry, Brazos Nectarine, Desert Delight Pear, Asian Shinsiki Vitex Cookes White
Blackberry, Navaho Nectarine, Dwarf STHN Belle Pear, Kieffer Improved Vitex, Cookes Blue
Blackberry, Ouachita Nectarine, Panamint Pear, Monterrey Vitex, Cookes Pink
Boysenberry, Thornless Nectarine, Snow Queen Pecan, Mahon Vitex, Cookes Purple
Chitalpa, Pink Dawn Peach Dwarf Bonanza Std Pecan, Mohawk Vitex, Cooks White
Desert Willow Bush Bubba Peach Early Grande Pecan, Western Schley Wisteria, Cooke’s Special Purple
Desert Willow Regular Bush Peach, August Pride Persimmon,  Giant Fuyu Wisteria, TX White
Desert Willow, Bush Burgandy Peach, Babcock Persimmon, Fuyu
Fig, Black Mission Peach, Bonanza Persimmon, Hachiya
Fig, Brown Turkey Peach, Desert Gold Plum, Beauty

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